Hungry Hubert, a game by Jimi Ahlgren
(The game is currently in developmet. I work hard to finish it as soon as possible!)

You can now download a free demo/alpha version to test the game!

Please vote on Greenlight to help me get my game on to Steam!
By downloading you understand:

- That the game is in an alpha/demo state and contains less than 10% of what the full game will have!

- That you should help me and vote on the Greenlight page so the full game can be released on steam! :)

- That I would love some feedback. Tweet me on twitter

- That you are free to make videos of the game and post them to youtube or other sites.
(You are also allowed to monetize your videos of the game)

Download Hungry Hubert Alpha/Demo (Sorry, Windows only)
(The full game will be available for PC, Mac and Linux)